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All of us who are in favor of equality and overcoming gender violence are feminists. Feminists are transforming the world and we are going to do it even more deeply with our full and equal participation in all the sciences. We are committed to achieving definitive progress in overcoming all gender discrimination in all scientific fields.


Women have often been excluded from international scientific evidence on gender issues. Feminists are committed to making them freely and freely available to all people, we are going to prevent them from being hidden from us. One of the clearest evidences is that there are women and men who act against gender violence and men and women on the side of the bullies, women and men in favor of equality and men and women against. To say that all women are feminists and all men are macho is not only false, but it seriously harms feminism and especially those who receive the main attacks of first and second order gender violence.


Equality, freedom, transparency, non-violence, diversity are very important values ​​in feminism. No one should discriminate against our very different identities or limit the full freedom that we each have to exercise our political, ideological, belief, professional, family and sexual options. Any use of feminism in the service of a certain option and to the detriment of others is an instrumentalization that seriously damages those values.

Congratulations to all of you who have worked throughout history so that we can get here. Now we are going to take an even greater step towards the triumph of feminism in science and in society.

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