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AUCFEM,integrates people from the university environment interested in contributing through scientific research from the diversity of disciplines, to overcoming gender inequalities of various kinds.


AUCFEM contributes with scientific evidence to the achievement of sustainable development goals from a gender equality perspective and through joint work for a world free of all types of violence and inequality.


One of AUCFEM's priorities is to overcome gender violence and, as those of us who are in this fight know, there are always men and women in favor of the aggressor and women and men in favor of the victim. Some of us have been victims of these attacks and the help of egalitarian men and women has been very valuable to us and the actions of inegalitarian men and women have been very negative.


AUCFEM will promote access to and participation in science for all without distinction, contributing to overcoming existing sexism, including that of women researchers in a precarious situation.

AUCFEM annually organizes a Multidisciplinary Congress of Scientific Evidence on Feminism and New Masculinities (CICFEM), which unites people who contribute to equality from Astronomy, Engineering, Mathematics, Arts, Social Sciences in the same forum for knowledge and development of scientific work. , etc… This Congress will be organized on Thursday and Friday of the week before March 8 and will be open to the participation of all university students who believe in feminism and masculinities  as a way to social improvement and the construction of an increasingly egalitarian world among all of them, in their diversity. It is for all of them, regardless of their social status, political ideology, cultural identity, gender, etc. On the contrary, AUCFEM promotes through de CICFEM the participation of all and the more diverse, the better. We know that scientific dialogue in diversity will help us to excite and transform more and more social realities that need it.


The ethical principles on which the association is based are: integrity; professional, scientific, academic and social responsibility; respect for human rights; the incorporation of scientific evidence and gender equality to the promotion of knowledge; 0 tolerance to violence and active positioning in the face of any type of aggression, first and second order.


The research that it promotes seeks its maximum coherence with these principles promoting scientific and social progress as a right, which also includes that it be equal and free of violence.

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