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Some feminists are the people who are in favor of equality and the overcoming of gender violence. The feminists are transforming the world and the farem facing a greater depth with the full and egalitarian nature participated in totes les sciences. They are committed to making a definitive advance in overcoming total gender discrimination in all scientific camps.


Both freqüència se'ns has excluded the gifts of the international scientific evidències on the subjects of genre. The feminists undertake to pose them at the disposal of free and free totes for the person, to prevent them from hiding. One of the clearest evidències is that hi ha gifts and homes that act against the violence of gènere i homes i dones del costat dels assetjadors, gifts and homes in favor of equal status and homes and gifts against. I will say that all the gifts are feminists and that all the homes are masclistes is not only false, but seriously harms feminism and especially those who have the main attacks of first and second gender violence.


Igualtat, free, transparency, non-violence, diversity; they are valors molt importants in feminism. It must not discriminate between us and our different identities or limit the full freedom that each cradle has to exercise our political, ideological, belief, professional, family and sexual options. Total utilization of feminism to serve a certain option and to the detriment of some others is an instrumentality that seriously damages those values.


Congratulations to all those who throughout the history heu treballat perquè puguem arrive fins here. Ara farem a country faces a major cap on the triumph of feminism in science and in society.

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