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Statement Against Sexual Harassment, Revictimization, and Sexual Harassment

second order

(First version subject to proposals to be decided

by the organization)

Honorable President, Honorable President, representatives of the governments of the European Member States.

International scientific evidence has shown that it is not possible to overcome sexual harassment without clearly addressing second-order sexual harassment. Victims of sexual harassment need their call for support answered in order to become survivors. Those who dare to support receive very cruel attacks, which is why today they are a very brave but very small minority, thus maintaining the law of silence imposed by the harassers and their active and passive accomplices. The silence can only be broken in specific cases with legislation, programs and actions on second-order sexual harassment to protect those they protect, which is the only way to ensure that the victims can be survivors.

Within the European Union, a parliament has already unanimously developed specific legislation, since this issue affects the whole of society.

We want to convey to you what the scientific evidence says, that only if the parliament of a country develops specific legislation on second-order sexual harassment can progress be made to overcome sexual harassment. Of course, not everything can be done with laws alone, the action of all citizens and each person is also necessary. For this reason, simultaneously, there are already scientific associations and entities that are including second-order sexual harassment in their protocols and regulations.

The European Union shares democratic and non-sexist values that we are sure will be reinforced in each family, each school, each group and each context with these measures.


Teresa Sorde Marti

President of ACUFEM, University Association of Science, Feminism and Masculinities.

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