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There are two types of formats:

(Each person can present only one communication and one symposium)



Proposal for the presentation of a communication


The work must be linked to one of the lines of research proposed in the congreso and correspond to one of the following options:


  1. Methodological document.  Inclusion of the gender perspective in the chosen line(s) of research and improvements it brings.

  2. Research work.  Evidence of social impact of a research project for the advancement of one or several SDGs from a gender perspective.

  3. Scientific theoretical review. Theoretical analysis in one or more areas of knowledge in relation to the SDGs and gender perspective.


     The presentation must include ALL SECTIONS of the following work SCRIPT:


  • Qualification

  • Summary (200 words max.).

  • Keywords (4/5 maximum)

  • One or two chosen lines of research

  • Introduction of the proposal (300 words maximum)

  • Methodology or methods (250 words maximum)

  • Ethical validity of the research (100 words maximum)

  • Results and social impact achieved (300 words maximum)

  • Conclusions (200 words maximum)

  • References (400 words maximum)



Presentation of a Symposium proposal


A symposium is a debate space at the congress in which a topic is addressed in a complete and detailed manner, in which at least three people develop a presentation from various angles. QSubsequently, a round of dialogue opens, questions and doubts are asked that the experts clarify and answer.

The proposal must include a person for the presidency and at least two speakers, a brief justification for the session associated withthe/s lchosen line(s) of research and a brief summary for each speaker, endorsing the proposal.


The symposium must be linked to one or two lines of research of the congress and be related to one of the following options:

  1. Presentation on research contributions aimed at obtaining improvements in at least one of the lines of research (Sustainable Development Goals).

  2. Presentations on a success story of interdisciplinary research with social impact on at least one of the sustainable development goals.

  3. Presentations on methodology and/or relevance to include the perspective of gender, feminism and masculinities in research for the improvement of science and society.


The SYMPOSIUM presentation must include ALL SECTIONS of the following work SCRIPT:

  • Session title.

  • Associated research line(s).

  • Justification of the session (300 words maximum).

  • Symposium presidency

  • Lecturers and their institutional affiliations.

  • ​For each speaker

    • Description (maximum 600 words)

      • ​​Summary 

      • Brief description of the results and social impact achieved or expected 

      • Scientific validity of the research 

      • Ethical validity of the research 

    • References (400 words maximum)

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