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PROGRAM 2021 *

09:00h. Comunicaciones simultáneas 1
10:30h. Almuerzo
11:00h. Comunicaciones silmultáneas 2
12:30h. Comunicaciones simultáneas 3
14:20h. Brownbag Seminar
15:30h. Simposios simultáneos 1 y comunicaciones 4

16:30h. Opening of the congress

Rubén Sancho
Autonomous Secretary for Equality and Diversity. Generalitat Valenciana
Rosa Puchades
Vice-Rector for Social Responsibility and International Cooperation of the UPV
Alejandra Boni Aristizabal
Deputy Director of the Institute for Innovation and Knowledge Management - INGENIO (CSIC-UPV)
José Martí Parreño
Vice-Rector for Research and Transfer. Universidad Internacional de Valencia (VIU)
Teresa Sordé
President of AUCFEM, Asociación Universitaria de Ciencia, Feminismo y Masculinidades (University Association of Science, Feminism and Masculinities).

18:00h - 19:30h. Panel 1

Feminism against COVID-19:Women's action against inequalities in the pandemic

Presents:  Esther Roca, professor at Universitat de València

17:00h - 17:45h. Inaugural Conference.

"Historic achievements in overcoming second-order violence"

Presents: Mar Joanpere, professor at Universitat Rovira i Virgili 
Rima Rudd

Senior Lecturer on Health Literacy, Education, and Policy,

Emerita Social and Behavioral Sciences


The participation of the speakers in this congress shows their great commitment and solidarity with scientific advancement on gender issues and its dissemination. None of their travel and accommodation costs fall on the participant fees, they cover everything with their own means

Friday 5th March

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